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10 Great Gifts for Self-Care & Mental Wellness

gifts for mental health

The holidays are here and when it comes to gift giving, sometimes it can be a bit difficult. Worry no more!

If you are seeking a gift that screams self-care and mental wellness, this list is for you. The items below are great for all on your list-best friend, parents, siblings, spouse, etc. You might even find something special for yourself. 😉


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Emotional Detox

Ready to do a detox for the new year? Check out the Emotional Detox book to help you identify and change some of your behaviors. #growth

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C. Booth Body Polish & Cleanser

Self-care at it’s best. Try this body polish during your weekly self-care routine or start a routine with this item.

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Weighted Blanket

Said to help with anxiety and sleep, a weighted blanket can be just the item needed during the winter months.

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Salt Lamp

Many use salt lamps throughout their home to aid with sleep, air quality, and even a mood booster.

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Inspirational Cards

A daily affirmation and inspiration is how many start their day. With the new year upon us, implementing new strategies are great to way to see some changes. Start your day with motivation and inspiration.

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Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

Looking for something to lift the stress from a long day? Look no further. Using an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser is great for stress or just to get an unpleasant scent out of the home.

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Choose You: Self-Care Journal

Ready to track your progress on your self-care journey? Of course you are! Grab this journal to guide you through your journey.

sleep headphones


Sleep Headphones

Perfect for sleeping, mediation, and relaxation.

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Foot Massager

After a long day, what better way to destress than a foot massage right in the convenience of your own home?!

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Car Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser

This portable essential oil diffuser is great to use your favorite essential oils. Need to be calm before work, pick your favorite oil and use during your morning commute.

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