11 Reasons to Give Therapy a Try in 2021

Therapy can be very beneficial for you and those around you. There are a variety of reasons to choose therapy, one major issue being emotional distress. Many people struggle with acknowledging and managing their emotions. This is when we must lean on a professional to assist in navigating this unfamiliar territory. There are a variety of reasons one might seek help - emotional and mental issues, new stressors, life-changing events, etc. Here are 11 fascinating reasons to give therapy a try that you might have not thought of.


Many of us people struggle with change. Whether it be a change in jobs, maybe starting a new school, or even be having a baby, change can be difficult and cause us to stress and/or have anxiety. Our busy lives require us to have so much structure, it’s no secret that change can be quite challenging. Therapy can help us stay on course. It can provide a new perspective, which helps us learn to adjust to change just a little bit better.  

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The Long Haul

Choosing to start therapy before issues start festering can be beneficial for the longevity of your life. During therapy sessions, you are given tools and insight on how to deal with certain aspects of life, helping you to emotionally work through tough situations. It takes time and practice but with a therapist, you can continue to work on your mental and emotional well-being. Therapy can rewire the brain so that certain issues we used to struggle with seem minor and less important down the road. Seeking therapy may change your whole path in life leading to new growth!

Prosperous Relationships

Working on your issues and building a better understanding of yourself will also help you understand those around you. This will help you when building friendships, romantic relationships, and even work relationships. Let’s face it, everyone has something they need to work on. Acknowledging and accepting who we are, allows us to not only see ourselves but to also be able to see and accept others. Time spent with a therapist will help you to develop new perspectives!


Therapy can build confidence. Speaking about your issues out loud allows you to hear yourself and release all the built-up emotions being held within. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, a therapist can help deal with whatever may come up. We can try to work through these emotions ourselves, but sometimes the emotional baggage we carry is quite heavy and assistance may be required. Speaking about issues allows us to be able to express ourselves freely giving us the confidence boost we need to move forward!  

Physical Symptoms

With stress and anxiety come a variety of physical health ailments that cause our body to feel rundown. We can feel tired, weak, or even sick to our stomachs. We might have sleep issues, high blood pressure, or even experience chest pains and migraines. Emotional issues are taxing on our body and may lead to even more severe health issues, if not treated. When we choose to see a therapist, we are learning to deal with these emotions and not allowing them to overcome our being.

Come Back to Haunt You

Not dealing with a specific problem can lead to issues down the road.  Holding in feelings of regret, disapproval or anger are some of the feelings that can come back to haunt us later in our relationships. Not expressing your feelings and emotions toward a specific situation or person can leave you feeling defeated. We can slowly convince ourselves that we are fine, but the next time a similar situation arises we can find ourselves losing control of the situation in a disorderly fashion. Seeking help to learn to deal with these issues can help you achieve inner peace.

You're Not Alone

Sometimes we can feel alone in our problems as if no one could possibly understand our unique circumstances, but it’s quite the opposite. When we were children most of us did not believe our parents knew what we were going through and we often hid our feelings. How could they possibly understand what a teenager is going through?! It is the same concept, our parents were kids once and they do understand. There is someone out there that we can relate to and connect with. Speaking to a therapist can help, it is their duty to listen without judgment. They will allow you to speak and give you direction. Some therapy groups can also help you connect more with others giving a therapist perspective as well as peer support. Although an issue may seem unbearable, having a support system is key to get through these tough times.  

All in the Family

Many cultures look at talking about your emotions as weak and desperate for attention. We are often taught to shake it off and move on, “someone else has it worse” some might say. The generations before us lived during very different times, without the resources we have today but it’s time we change the patterns. Seeking help for ourselves can make us stronger people and even more beneficial to those who surround us. The next generation needs to know it is ok to discuss feelings, that others are near to listen, and if professional help is needed then professional help is needed!  Asking for help is a sign of strength, never be afraid to ask!

Coping with Substances

Some find themselves in the world of substance abuse. It may not seem like a coping mechanism at first, but deep down we know we are numbing the pain of all the emotions we carry around daily. Seeing a therapist can help with weaning off the substances so that we can heal properly. 

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Stress, anxiety, sadness, and grief are only a few of the reasons that may keep us up at night or keep us in bed all day. Sleep is important for us all and gives us the power to flourish and thrive. A change in one’s sleep pattern can lead to mood swings, make you feel as if you are in a fog, and could even make you feel more irritable. Seeking help with your sleep and emotions is necessary to maintain good health. 

Reach Your Goals

There are many challenges that we face in life. Sometimes, those hurdles can seem like mountains that we just cannot climb without the help of a professional, but seeking help is important to reaching our highest potential. We all have goals and ambitions that are obtainable with a healthy mindset. Maybe you are looking to get accepted into a new school, receive a raise, or simply wanting to make your family proud, either way, it may feel as if the world is on your shoulders. Good news, you don’t have to carry it alone! The therapists of the world are here to help.

Are you looking for a therapist? Maybe you’re thinking about it! The first step is to identify your needs, check out our directory to see all that therapy has to offer!

Have You Given Therapy A Try in 2021?

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