My barre class combines attributes of pilates, dance, and functional fitness training. We use small, isolated movements to fatigue the muscles, a large range of motion to elevate heart rate and sequencing that gives you a toned physique, better posture, increased flexibility, and unparalleled results.

We will discuss the importance of how physical fitness can impact your mental health with a short 30min workout to follow. Regardless of fitness level, all can join and no equipment is needed. 

BarreTopia is a Bless the Body Barre “Fuzion” experience that elevates consciousness in the inner (mind, spirit, and soul) and outer (physical) body by fusing barre fitness and hip hop cardio into one class. In this workshop, I will lead a session in a “Fuzion” class emphasizing the awareness of body placement, thought meditation, and joy fueling movements. While “Fuzion” classes bring mind & body awareness, they also are both fun and challenging. Sample questions that I will ask participants during the workshop/class, “What are your thoughts telling you in this difficult moment?” “How can you enjoy the work you’ve been given?” This will be an interactive, challenging, and liberating class giving the participants more knowledge of their body power/placement and mind full of endorphins! Equipment that will be needed for this class is a mat, chair & optional 1-3 pound weights (canned goods & water bottles are great substitutions). Bright colored shirts and outdoor exercise setup is encouraged!

45 minutes dedicate to you working on the best version of yourself. The version of you that shows up and shows out no matter what you may be going though, so we use this time to give ourselves something to focus and control 110%!


This will be a circuit style workout created to challenge all fitness levels. We will be working through functional movements that will make us feel stronger in our every day life.


Optional Equipment:

Booty Bands, Resistance Bands, Dumbbells, or Kettlebells


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