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Self-Care Sunday

What are Self-Care Sundays?
Self-Care Sundays started in the summer of 2020 as a virtual experience that reached many across the country. With the increased stress and anxiety many were feeling at that time, Black Female Therapists wanted individuals to know the importance of slowing down and take time to refuel and relax as a community. With our Self-Care Sundays, we explore the connections between where we are and where we want to be and how being our best selves can get us there. The attendees receive applicable tools and strategies to support them to address mind, body, spirit, relationships & more!
Black Female Therapists

June's Self-Care Sunday

Line Up
  • 1:00 pm ET - Sound Bath
  • 1:10 pm ET - How Are You Holding Yourself Back
  • 1:30 pm ET - Food for Youre Mental Wellness
  • 1:50 pm ET - Healing From Pain
  • 2:10 pm ET - Setting Daily Intentions
  • 2:30 pm ET - Finding Happiness Within Yourself
  • 2:50 pm ET - Panelists Round Table
  • 3:00 pm ET - Close Out

Here is the Line Up for the event

Sound Bath with Arlene Casimir
Start your Sunday being bathed in sound waves. Join Arlene as she hosts a soothing sound bath.
How Are You Holding Yourself Back with Sinadia Gailyard
Become aware of any limitations that are blocking you from tapping into your inner power. Join Sinadia as she reminds us to let go and release limiting beliefs that hold us back.
Food for Your Mental Wellness with Cassie Brown
The food we put in our bodies isn't just fuel. Cassie will share how you can increase your mental wellness in the kitchen.
Healing from the Pain with Danielle Cromartie-Williams
How to overcome suffering, grief, and loss that bring us pain? Join Danielle as she shows us ways to heal through and from the pain.
Setting Daily Intentions with Imani Huff
Do you start your day with a mantra, affirmation, or intention? Join Imani as she guides us through how setting daily intentions benefit our daily lives.
Finding Happiness Within Yourself with Taina Thorpe
What does happiness look like to you? Join Taina as she shares tips on ways to cultivate and embody happiness.
Whether you’re looking for someone local or prefer to keep things virtual, our directory can help!
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