All About Relationships Bundle

The All About Relationships Bundle includes access to the following classes:

Healing After Narcisstic Abuse Featuring Letoya Wylie
This class is designed for survivors of narcissistic abuse and will address self-love strategies as well as an important area that isn't mentioned much regarding overcoming abuse - the will. The information and strategy given will encourage survivors to start their healing journey right where they are.

Assertive Communication Featuring Camille Tenerife
A class designed to help people on how to communicate effectively.

Navigating Sexuality Being Black & Queer Featuring Danielle Samuel
A class for helping people find community in experiences of pride and marginalization regarding the intersexuality of race and sexuality.

Black Mental Health Matters: Traumatic Bonds Featuring Demorise Barnes
This class will explain what are traumatic bonds, how do they form, what symptoms/signs you need to watch out for, and how to break them. This open discussion will provide you resources on breaking free from traumatic bonds.

Black Mental Health Matters: Mental Health and Dating Featuring Demorise Barnes
This class will cover how to introduce the importance of mental health into the dating phase. You will learn how to address and to what extent mental health plays a role in the world of dating.


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