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Managing Social Anxiety During Summer Gatherings: Tips for Navigating Parties, Barbecues, and Other Social Events

Summer is a season filled with social activities, from barbecues and beach parties to weddings and family reunions. While these events can be enjoyable, they can also trigger social anxiety for many people. If you find yourself feeling anxious at the thought of summer gatherings, you’re not alone. Here are some practical tips to help […]

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Why Relationships Are Never Really 50/50

In the realm of relationships, the idea of achieving a perfect equilibrium, where both parties contribute equally to every aspect of the partnership, is often idealized. However, this notion of a 50/50 balance is more of an illusion than a reality. Here’s why: 1. Individual Differences:Every individual brings their own unique experiences, strengths, weaknesses, and […]

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BFT's Top 25 in Mental Health and Wellness

The inaugural Top 25 in Mental Health and Wellness spotlight honor marks a significant milestone in recognizing leaders and innovators driving positive change in the field. This prestigious award celebrates individuals who have made exceptional contributions to advancing mental health and wellness awareness and support. Selected through a rigorous evaluation process, the honorees represent a […]

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BFT's Top 25 in Mental Health and Wellness: Wellness

Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts is an internationally celebrated Peloton yoga teacher, lululemon global ambassador, and scholar who is highly regarded as a leader in a new generation of yogis who are passionate about expanding the visibility of who is commonly seen as Teacher. Chelsea brings her deep Midwest roots to the mat with a style of […]

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