Self Improvement Bundle

The Self Improvement Bundle includes access to the following classes:

Free Your Mind: How to Defeat Overthinking and Self-Doubt Through the Art of Journaling Featuring Monique Nixon
This class is for the woman who wants to free her mind from the clutter of overthinking and second guessing in every thought and decision. We will discuss the origin of self-doubt and overthinking along with strategies, techniques, and guided journal prompts to help her on the journey to wellness and healing.

My Own Worst Enemy: Exploring Imposter Syndrome Featuring Sydney Jackson-Clockston
Ever feel like a fake, phony, or fraud? If you answered yes, then the chances are that you are battling with imposter syndrome. Don't worry; you are not alone. In fact, many folks feel the same way. Imposter syndrome is a psychological pattern and limiting belief in which one doubts one's accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a "fraud."

Mindful Movement Featuring Raven Nicole
Mindfulness Movement is a unique movement experience that promotes emotional, social, cognitive and physical integration for the purpose of improving health and fitness while tackling the issue of self-care and mental health. It is a form of movement meditation, or dance meditation, that uses very few instructions and instead, allows individuals to follow the music and their natural rhythms (ie: normal breathing patterns, the heartbeat, etc.). In Mindfulness Movement dance meditation classes, individuals are encouraged to move their bodies as they feel like it, without judgment. The goal is to just let everything go, be present, and be yourself.

Assertive Communication Featuring Camille Tenerife
A class designed to help people on how to communicate effectively.

Coping with Feelings of Insecurity and Rejection Featuring Brandy Stinson
When we feel rejected, it impacts our self-esteem. They can keep us from pursuing our goals because we won't feel that we are "good enough." These feelings may be inevitable, but we can shift our perspective so that we can maintain a positive identity. Join us for a discussion on how to navigate these feelings and not allow them to stop you from being your best self!


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