The Healing Bundle

The Healing Bundle includes access to the following classes:

Are You In Your Feelings? Featuring Linda Duverné
We are all empathic to a certain degree but this does not mean we have to carry on other people's feelings as our own. This meditative journaling session will serve as a check-in with yourself to see if you are in your feelings or someone else's feelings.

Black Women and Trauma Featuring Demorise Barnes & Destini Love
This class will discuss the definition of trauma, experiences and how trauma has affected of Black women in America, and how to heal from trauma.

Healing After Narcisstic Abuse Featuring Letoya Wylie
This class is designed for survivors of narcissistic abuse and will address self-love strategies as well as an important area that isn't mentioned much regarding overcoming abuse - the will. The information and strategy given will encourage survivors to start their healing journey right where they are.

Accessible Self-Preservation Featuring Desiree Gonzales
You are your greatest gift, your greatest love, and the one you’ve been waiting for. Join in as we explore accessible self-care practices that you can do anytime and anywhere. Show up with a journal, pen, and container (jar or box) of your choice.

Black Mental Health Matters: The Importance of Black Therapists Featuring Demorise Barnes
This class will cover cultural competency, addressing family dynamics, processing Black trauma, and removing the stigma to understanding why Black mental health matters.

Be Free: The Power of Storytelling Featuring Destini Love
This class will aid in identifying critical incidents in our life journey, redefine traumatic experiences, extract the lessons that have helped shape us, and understand the power in how we tell our stories.

Domestic Violence & Its Impact Featuring Marie Robinson
In this class, we will define the various forms of abuse that occur within intimate partner relationships. This includes, but is not limited to physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual abuse. In addition, we will explore why people abuse and ways to create individualized emotional and physical safety plans for victims. Lastly, we will discuss available local and national resources for victims, advocates, social workers, therapists, and others.

Changes in Me: How to Navigate through Pregnancy Featuring Vanessa Charles
"Changes in Me" is a course to assist parents with navigating through pregnancy using the Nurturing Parenting Model. During this course, individuals will explore the social, emotional and physical changes that occur during pregnancy and the impacts.


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