The Mind + Body Bundle

The Mind + Body Bundle includes the following classes:

Mind Your Mantras Featuring Chalice Nelson
Mind Your Mantras... An opportunity for you to simply worry about yourself and create the life you desire. Mantras are statements or slogans that you repeat to yourself over and over and it's one of the best traps to be in! Chalice Nelson, LPC, NCC is excited to present to you all the background and clinical benefits of mantras and positive psychology to help you create more pockets of joys within your daily life. Chalice will lead you through an interactive workshop to help you learn the concept of mindfulness and using mantras and how this can assist in reducing negative thoughts you may experience and boost brain functioning. She will also engage you in several guided activities to learn how to incorporate mantras into your day to day activities. Let's get ready to get into the self-love trap and remind ourselves, "Girl, you are it!."

Tea Meditation Featuring Reynelda Jones
Come join the Tea Meditation Virtual Workshop for a relaxing and rejuvenating introduction to the world of tea and meditation. Combining the ancient art of tea consumption and movement meditation helps to promote both, emotional and physical wellness.This event is virtual! This means you can find a quiet spot for yourself, with a mug, tea bag, and warm water to participate in this moving meditation.

Mindful Movement Featuring Raven Nicole
Mindfulness Movement is a unique movement experience that promotes emotional, social, cognitive and physical integration for the purpose of improving health and fitness while tackling the issue of self-care and mental health. It is a form of movement meditation, or dance meditation, that uses very few instructions and instead, allows individuals to follow the music and their natural rhythms (ie: normal breathing patterns, the heartbeat, etc.). In Mindfulness Movement dance meditation classes, individuals are encouraged to move their bodies as they feel like it, without judgment. The goal is to just let everything go, be present, and be yourself.

Sacred Sundays: Volumes 1-4
Wind down your week in spiritual alignment as we break down the astrological weather and how to work alongside it, journal according to its themes, and clear our chakras with a powerful breath-work meditation. You'll simply need a journal and a comfortable setting.


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