10 Mental Health Apps

Everyone struggles from time to time. Now, it seems like the world has been put on pause with no clear date of resuming. Know you’re not alone. But what can you do to keep the anxiety or depression at bay? Well, there are several apps dedicated to mental health. Some help you meditate. Others track your habits and help you become more productive. Here are a few you should try.

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1.     Headspace- Currently offering a two-week free trial. Unemployed people can get Headspace Plus for free.

2.     Calm- Offers a seven-day free trial. The annual subscription is $69.99.

3.     Simple Habit- Has three different payment plans.

4.     One Day Journal- Free in the App Store.

5.     Buddhify- Only $30 for a year’s subscription.

6.     Insight timer- Offers a free 30-day membership and renews at $60 a year.

7.     Openfit- Has live workout routines as well as yoga, kickboxing, and stretching. Pricing starts at $8 a month.

8.     Daylio Journal- Free in the App Store

9.     Daily Yoga- Currently running a promotion for $3.33 a month

10.  Ten Percent Happier- Has a seven day trail period and $99 a year subscription.

Give these apps a try to find the best one for your needs. There’s several more not listed. Talk to your health care provider or friends and family to see which one they think works best.

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