9 Phrases to Use to Calm Yourself

Here are some phrases that you can use during the day to help keep you calm:

“I have enough. I am enough.”

It’s letting go and relaxing in the moment and knowing you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be in this moment.

“I am safe.”

3-word phases are good because they have a good rhythm and are easy to remember. This is a great reminder that you aren’t in danger though you may feel like it.

“This too shall pass.”

Often when we're in the grip of negative emotions, we feel like it will last forever. When you're feeling anxious, remember that the anxiety will pass eventually.

"I'm thankful for (fill in the blank)."

You may be in disarray during that moment, but look back on the things you're actually fortunate to have. Whatever it is, try to bring that to the front of your mind when anxiety hits and see how it makes a difference

“My feelings are not my facts.”

Are your negative feelings bringing you down? Remember, your feelings are not your facts!

“Be here now”

A helpful tip for how to calm anxiety is to be in the present and be in the now. Calming anxiety in this way can help you stay in the moment, rather than stressing out about all your worries and regrets.

“I’ll do the opposite of what my anxiety is saying”

When anxiety is keeping you away from something important, put yourself back in control by doing the opposite of what your mind is trying to convince you.

“I need to move forward”

Get past your current state and start calming anxiety by being proactive. Even if it doesn’t have the perfect outcome, at least you’re moving away from the anxiety of trying to figure out your next step.

“Just breathe”

When you feel an anxiety attack, take a few moments to relax into slow, deep breathing. This will help you to react in a calm manner, and not let your anxiety win.

What are some things you tell yourself to calm anxiety?

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