Feature Fridays "Expert Edition": Body Positivity with Jaimmy Koroma

We chatted with Jaimmy Koroma, Body Positive and Lifestyle Influencer who shares her journey of self-acceptance and self-love. You can follow her journey of loving her body @jaimmykoroma. 1. What […]

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Feature Fridays "Expert Edition": Entrepreneur with Ronne Brown

We chatted with Ronne Brown, Founder of Girl CEO and HERlistic, Branding Expert, Professional Speaker, and Author. She helps brands make money online her platform @ronnebrown. Join her community @girlceoinc […]

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Can I Heal and Still Be the Same Person?

When you’re living with mental illness, or carrying around a painful past, it may seem obvious that you want to heal from those experiences. What’s not so obvious to people […]

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How to Stop Obsessing Over Your Past Mistakes: 5 Tips

If you’re a human being, then you’ve made a mistake at some point in your life. It never feels good to mess up, but some of us are able to […]

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