Depression vs Sadness

In this episode, Brandi Jackson, LCSW (Brandi Jackson Wellness) and DeAvila Bennett, LSCW, LSSW (Ask Deavila Sade) join Amber Dee on the couch to talk about the differences between depression and sadness.


Brandi Jackson: Brandi is a Licensed Holistic Therapist and Wellness Coach and founder of Brandi Jackson Wellness with over 10 years of experience providing wellness coaching and therapeutic support. Brandi teaches, writes, consults, and researches Holistic Mental Health Wellness Method Approach to improve mental emotional health for long-term “whole person” health benefits. 

DeAvila Bennett: DeAvila is a millennial Social Worker and Therapist who equips millennials who are impacted by anxiety, depression, and problems in relationships with tools to manage their mental health at Ask DeAvila Sade. She has worked with countless children, families, and young adults through internships and work experience. She is also the author of The Therapeutic Journal. 

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In this episode: 

  • Our guests share their experiences with feeling depressed.
  • How the term depression isn’t always normalized. 
  • The signs of depression are often missed. 
  • The time frame that helps you evaluate if it’s a situational depression or something deeper. 
  • How the time change and earlier nights can shift things. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) 
  • How vitamin D can help. 
  • Processing Seasonal Affective Disorder, grief, and the pandemic all at once.
  • Tips for releasing serotonin. 
  • The “more days than not” approach. 
  • Why setting a routine for starting your day and cut off time is so valuable. 
  • How working from home can lead to dangerous habits. 
  • Ways to spot the differences between general sadness and depression.
  • The “okay” mask that black women wear. 
  • Why you don’t have to just “push through” your pain.
  • The importance of being real where you’re at so you can get to where you want to go. 

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Remember, your mental health is wealth.

What Did You Learn About The Difference Between Depression And Sadness?

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