Handling Extra Difficult Situations: 3 Ways We Learned How to Handle Divorce from Monica

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Monica Brown, the Grammy Award-winning artist, recently went through a divorce and has discussed the support she will continue to show her ex-husband, Shannon Brown. Throughout her many interviews, she has been consistent with how she is handling this time in her life. Take a look below to see how you might can incorporate some of this strategies if you are experiencing something similar.

1. Respect Your Partner

Divorce is a difficult transition mentally and emotionally so it is important to remember that although the connection is no longer, the respect does not have to diminish.

In a recent talk with Essence Monica stated, “I just think because I still have such a love and respect, even for Shannon, that there’s certain things that are just not up for discussion. We don’t have to be together to respect one another. We don’t have to be together to uplift one another and make sure that my kids always see that mom is looking forward to you having a relationship [with dad] forever and ever.

What we can learn here is the value of respect and the need to consider each other's feelings throughout the process.

2. Having Privacy

Monica also discussed, that she was adamant about not filming the divorce on the recent reality tv show TI & Tiny Friends and Family Hustle. Intimate times should be handle delicately. Though the divorce may not be amicable, it’s important to keep the process amongst the parties and those closest to you.

Although it may seem ideal at the time, posting on social media or blasting your ex partner won't help with your mental wellbeing. In fact, It can lead to increase stress and may back fire. Having others outside your circle comment on your divorce can lead to additional areas of mental anguish.

3. Seek a Support System

Monica said leaning on her close circle of friends, which include Tameka "Tiny" Harris and Toya Wright, has been a part of her healing process.

“Those women are really my friends,” Monica said. “We try to protect each other. Tiny and Toya have been through a lot. Those are all people that have experienced what I’m going through.”

Having a strong support system makes it easier to let go and let you know you are not alone in the battle. Support systems are made to pull you through during your most difficult times and have someone to lean on and motivate you to keep going.

If you don't have a support system during this time of need reach out to a therapist at BlackFemaleTherapists, MeetUp, or search local boards in your community

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Monica Provided A Few Tips On How She Processed During This Time. What Are Some Other Ways We Can Add To This List?

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