15 Minutes on the Couch

How to Practice Self-Care with a Busy Schedule

Andromeda Peters, LICSW

Today in the guest chair, we have Miss United States 2018 Andromeda Peters, LICSW.

Miss United States 2018 Andromeda Peters is a licensed therapist, spokesperson, and model.

Andromeda’s childhood has provided her with a journey filled with many circumstances that Andromeda has risen above, but she says she was given a gift that led her to being such an open-minded and welcoming person of diversity.Coming from an LGBTQ family and having a transgendered father, she is taking her love of prose one step further and writing a book with her dad about diversity.

Her movement Your Mind Matters promotes mental health support self-care and self-love. Proclaimed health nut, Andromeda loves taking care of her health-mind, body, soul and helping others to do the same. She is a lover of life who gives thanks for every single blessing.

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