15 Minutes on the Couch

The Comparison Trap

Jessica Jefferson, LCSW, QS
Nichole Walker, APC, NCC

Today on the couch, we have Jessica Jefferson, LCSW, QS and Nichole Walker, APC, NCC.

Jessica “Jess” F.B. Jefferson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Qualified Supervisor, and the Founder and Clinical Executive Officer of SW Social Support. Known as “The Superhero’s Therapist”, Mrs. Jefferson is an advocate for those who give their lives in service to others—clergy persons, mental health professionals, first responders, public servants, and business owners, to name just a few—our everyday superheroes. Mrs. Jefferson’s mission is to help superheroes banish burnout and fight compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma by prioritizing self-care to save themselves first.

Nichole Walker is an Associate Professional Counselor and a National Board Certified Counselor with extensive experience working with children, teens, parents and families as a School Counselor in the public and private school settings in Atlanta.

Nichole is well versed in working with diverse backgrounds and socio-economic populations. She enjoys working with children & teens, focusing on developing the whole child. She also assists parents with building stronger parent-child relationships. Additionally, Nichole enjoys counseling women, men & couples dealing with personal and/or marital issues.

Connect with Jessica Jefferson, LCSW, QS
Connect with Nichole Walker, APC, NCC

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