15 Minutes on the Couch

The Strong Black Woman

Dr. Ayanna Abrams, Psy.D

Today in the guest chair, we have Dr. Ayanna Abrams, Psy.D.

Dr. Ayanna Abrams is a licensed clinical psychologist in Atlanta and Founder of Ascension Behavioral Health, LLC. Her specialties include working with black women with symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders that affect functioning, and clients who struggle to get their needs met in personal and professional relationships.

She has extensive experience with black couples addressing emotional disconnection and dissatisfaction. Dr. Abrams has been featured on several global platforms including Essence, AfroPunk, Therapy for Black Girls, Silence the Shame and WeWork as a podcast guest, article contributor or mental health speaker.

She is the co-founder of Not So Strong, an initiative to improve the mental health and relationship functioning of black women through vulnerable storytelling.

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