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6 Myths About Therapy

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I Tried Trap Pilates for My Self Care and Here’s How It Went

You may be asking yourself, what in the world is trap pilates?! According to TrapPilates.com, it is when R&B/Trap Music meets fast paced Core Burning Pilates. Can I get a […]

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How to Find the Perfect Therapist

Therapy is a tool that provides useful strategies that help you achieve your goals. Think about it like this… If you want to communicate better, therapy is the perfect resource. […]

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Hot Girls Summer Threatens Double Standards

Oh-kay so technically yesterday was the first day of fall but the temperature outside says we still have some summer left. So a friend and I were talking about this […]

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How to Be More Vulnerable in a Relationship

Vulnerability scares most of us because it “exposes” things that we aren’t proud of. It invites shame and humiliation into the room so we avoid it.  Growing up, most of […]

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