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7 Signs your Therapist is a Keeper

If you’ve ever been in therapy, you’d know that it can challenge you and takes great vulnerability to make the changes you seek. Some people might click with the first therapist they meet, but for others, they have to sift through a few before they find someone they can really connect with. This is not to […]

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What is a Spiritual Bath and Do I Need One?

When most people think of a bath, they think of a warm, relaxing tub full of water  with possibly some candles, a glass of their favorite drink and some ambient music however a spiritual bath is something different.  This may be your first time hearing the idea of a spiritual bath but don’t feel left […]

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5 things to do during the holidays to protect your self-care

With the holidays upon us, it is easy for us to get wrapped up in other things and totally forget about self-care. Here are 5 things you can do to make sure you are caring for yourself this holiday season. ENGAGE IN SOME FORM OF MOVEMENT. Now, this is not to promote an intense work […]

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Have You Outgrown Your Friendship?

Have you ever had a childhood friend who was your ride or die until you suddenly grew apart? This happens in people’s lives more often than you’d think. Often in our lives, we begin to realize that we’re becoming increasingly out of touch with old friends. And no, it’s not because they’ve done something terrible […]

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