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Is It Possible to Completely Heal from Trauma?

It’s easy to start feeling hopeless after you’ve gone through a traumatic event like an assault. Many people who are experiencing the direct aftereffects of trauma might think: will I […]

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Ready to Break Up With Your Therapist? Here’s How

Break-ups are always awkward — even more so when it’s your therapist you’re breaking up with.  What might lead you to want to end a relationship with your therapist? And […]

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How to Get More Emotional Support When it Feels Like No One Is There for You

When you’re going through a hard time, there’s nothing better than feeling emotionally supported by a friend or loved one. Often, knowing that we’re not alone is what gets us […]

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Is It a Bad Idea to See the Same Therapist as Someone I Know?

Imagine this: your best friend started going to therapy a few months ago, and she’s glowing. She seems so much happier and healthier, and she raves about her therapist. From […]

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