15 Minutes on the Couch

Depression vs Sadness

Brandi Jackson, LCSW
DeAvila Bennett, LSCW, LSSW

Today on the couch, we have Brandi Jackson, LCSW and DeAvila Bennett, LSCW, LSSW.

Brandi Jackson is a Licensed Holistic Therapist and Wellness Coach and founder of Brandi Jackson Wellness with over 10 years of experience providing wellness coaching and therapeutic support. Brandi teaches, writes, consults, and researches Holistic Mental Health Wellness Method Approach to improve mental emotional health for long-term “whole person” health benefits.

DeAvila Bennett is a millennial Social Worker and Therapist who equips millennials who are impacted by anxiety, depression, and problems in relationships with tools to manage their mental health at Ask DeAvila Sade. She is also the author of The Therapeutic Journal.

Connect with Brandi Jackson, LCSW
Connect with DeAvila Bennett, LSCW, LSSW

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