15 Minutes on the Couch

"Suffering in Silence: Mental Health + the Black Community"

Camille Banks Lee, LCSW

In this episode, Camille Banks Lee, LCSW join Amber Dee on the couch to dive into Suffering in Silence: Mental Health + the Black Community

Camille Banks Lee is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who hails from New York state. Lee specializes in helping her clients overcome their challenges and achieve their personal goals. She offers individual, couple and family psychotherapy as well as life coaching and workshops on health, wellness and maintaining balance in our hectic lives.

In this episode:

  • How to get more people in therapy
  • Money being a big deterrent
  • How to use your insurance for therapy
  • Learning coping mechanisms as a child
  • How to self-soothe
  • How to change the narrative for your children on mental health
  • How do adults get passed not going to therapy
  • When do I find a therapist

Hot Tweetables:

  • We have to start asking for what we want
  • We need to normalize going to therapy
  • Exercising is a form of antidepressant
  • Take time to check-in with yourself
  • The right therapist will come
  • Our children are always watching what we do
  • Do a personal assessment to see where you are
  • It’s never too late to relearn

Remember, your mental health is wealth.

Connect with Camille Banks Lee, LCSW

Additional links + resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Headway
  • Ayana Therapy
  • Pelton Bike Black Girl Magic Community

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