Why Is it So Hard to Let Go of Someone You Love?

We’ve all been there: you’ve finally ended a relationship with a person (or a job, or anything else). You know, logically, that putting this behind you is the best decision […]

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What to Do When You Can’t Afford Therapy

You’re dedicated to taking care of your mental health, which is great. But although in an ideal world, everyone would have access to mental health therapy, we understand that this […]

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Is It Possible to Completely Heal from Trauma?

It’s easy to start feeling hopeless after you’ve gone through a traumatic event like an assault. Many people who are experiencing the direct aftereffects of trauma might think: will I […]

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Ready to Break Up With Your Therapist? Here’s How

Break-ups are always awkward — even more so when it’s your therapist you’re breaking up with.  What might lead you to want to end a relationship with your therapist? And […]

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